All the while, I can’t wake myself up. During my dreams i feel like i am covered in a gooey honey-type mollasis, that makes its extremlly difficult for me to move in my dreams when confronting these demons. The weird thing is that when i’m casting them out i don’t know what i say an to top that off im casting them off as if like i did that everyday as if i was so used to it… as to say; i had experience on casting them. In the name of Jesus they have to leave. It has been a common belief for years that I’m “haunted” by something chicago sexi women on webcam. All that being said, i always manage to say it. It was as if it was laughing at her she rebuked it in Jesus name meanwhile Im having this wild dream that im rebuking the baby since it was moving and jurking like crazy and more and more as i named the blood of jesus in the dream.  I am from  Buenos Aires Argentina! This is a  Great site, I was looking for a site that dealt with babies being possesed or harrased by demons since we my newborn is having problems while sleeping and me and my wife found out one of the toys had some sort of spell or something. have happen since i was 12year old. Maybe this is my calling? I’ve been asking God what I should do to have Him show me. You just got to spend time seeking Jesus in prayer. He’s had them before but never very often. Only a few times have I dreamed of that “something” being in my dream but when I do it will taunt me. Like i am trying to scream through water, and the words that are coming out are very , very slow and drawling in nature. I believe you will be use by God in a great way. Kind of like swimming through a mud or “wet” earth. I tried to help but anyways…maybe that’s why she is trying to commit suicide?I don’t know.

and s i get angry about it, bc it chance me soo much, now i dont go out much and my real life well it is screwd This is a tough one for me… My boyfriend/fiance is very religious, and I am agnostic, bordering on atheist. He said it was similar. My mission is to walk beside them an make sure they’re safe from any harm; an most of the time its a demon i must cast out of a person; when they are trying to get near. They are more afraid of you. So you should memorise as much bible verses you can. I sometimes think the Holy Spirit does it chicago sexi women on webcam. @Michael Garza I know you are looking for answers, you’re not the only one. These were the first times I have prayed in more than 10 years, since I stopped going to church and following religion. then i wake up what does it mean and i also have dreams that come true and other things please reply i need answers SHALEWA: Your dreams sounds so cool. By reading this you probly think I’m some sort of freak ipromise I’m not I’m just a 16 year old kid who has green eyes likes… doin the normal teenager stuff you kno. Wow. My words and motions are very slow, tedious, and hard to do. You must seek Jesus on what he wants you to do with this. God bless you, from the land of Tango! I am only 18 about to be 19 an these dreams at first did creep me out. The power of God is truly eternal. I am thankful and praise the Lord this is a confirmation that i have to prepare and equip myself. I was in disbelief.

Because of the rhythm, I could tell it was a prayer, but he wasn’t making actual words. That’s what has been happening to me, once you find out everything that has happened to you it will slowly make sence. I am curently 16 and I still been having these drerams everyday of my life I don’t understand I don’t go to church I am not to much of a holly person infact I am almost completly opposite because my life is full of sin in fact I honestly think I might go to hell but I’ve always noticed that there was somthin about me that was just unatural I’ve read these articles and I don’t find an answer the dreams I’ve had are so real to the point were I am literally being thrown around my room by these entities but I laugh I speak out tongues somtimes I can’t nd I just mumble and things get physical again I swaer I’ve been possed be4 by eight difrent deamons the only ones name I remember is legion I’ve done exorcisms on myself I don’t kno how I’ve seen these deamons clear as day and I can see them in other people aswell I have all these gifts or curses and I am not a holly person I kno about god and kno much more about saten I’ve felt the had of god literally revive me bak to life cus I had died in my sleep once from being so sikk I have also felt the hand of god heal me from major injurios I’ve jhad in the past. It’s like I’m trapped in my dream. Don’t worry about people and what they think. I’m scared she’s all i have and i want my real mom back. Can I get some thoughts on this? I do believe in ghosts and spirits, even though I have a skeptical disbelief in god. when im awake then i got head pain and get sick. And i wake up so waery without energy. Like this one time my ankle was broken so nasty my bone was stikin outa my foot the nxt day I hear a voice and feel this sernity idk how to explain it but then my foot starts poping into place next thing I kno my foot looks like its nevr been touched or harmed within a three day period of the injurie that happend to me when the docter basiclly told me that my foot was *** I had an exray the nxt day and everything was better than normal I do not understand why. My “dreamtime” seems slightly different then anyone else has posted here. But i choose Korea because I felt that it where I am suppose to go. My mom has told me that when we were new borns that pastors prophisied over us sayin that we r gona be leaders and change the way humanity thinks. Last night, I prayed twice. Sometimes I dont think that was me doing it. He says that I don’t scream or kick in my sleep, he says that I make noises and that’s what wakens him. .

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